Exquisite Fabrics

Exquisite selection of high quality fabrics; Embroidered Silk, Taffeta Silk, Velvet, Italian Cotton Silk, Jacquard, Linen, Cotton Satin , Sheers and other high-end materials. Our artisans create patterns, which are aesthetically pleasing and use colors that are brilliant and complement the pattern and fabrics used - this is how we create products that have a universal appeal. We have a team of professional designers that keeps abreast of latest trends, colors, patterns and styles to ensure that you have the most current choice of fabrics to select from. Since we weave our own cloth we are constantly introducing new materials - as such we have a very high rate of repeat customers who are looking for change.

Elegant Readymade & Custom Luxurious Drapes

Drapes, a significant constituent of exquisite home furnishings are synonymous with beauty and elegance. Our drapes are made with exquisite fabrics that draw inspiration from nature, symbols or various floral and geometric patterns displaying a rich color spectrum and heritage workmanship. Our beautiful fabric can be tailored in many different "Header" styles from pole pockets to inverted pleats and goblets. That's not all, if you have a specific design in mind, let us know and we will customize the fabric to your specifications.

Custom Accessory Pillows

Exclusive Fabrics & Furnishings offers custom accessory pillows in versatile designs with a broad appeal. Luxurious in detail, designed with comfort in mind, without sacrificing richness and style.

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